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Typology of the Subject

“Typology of the Subject” includes thousands of juxtaposed film stills.  The appropriated stills, photographed from a flat screen TV, are specifically selected cinematic moments.  The images illustrate the perspective that occurs, within a fraction of a second, by two cinematic characters: the photographer and the photographic subjects.  The stills have been typed, archived, and montaged to reveal new narratives, cinematic tropes, scopophiliac obsessions and the very limited range of “subjects” photographed within cinema.  “Typology of the Subject” questions the ways in which popular culture contributes to ideas about photography and the photographer, which inevitably contributes to my subjectivity as a photographer.




Peeping Tom by Amanda Keller-Konya Blow Up by Amanda Keller-Konya"Typology of the Subject" series by Amanda Keller-Konya Rear Window by Amanda Keller-Konya Eyes of Laura by Amanda Keller-Konya Typology of a Subject Installation by Amanda Keller-Konya

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